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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week In Twitter: Syracuse

In Case You Were Under a Rock:

Dion Waiters is going pro :'(

This move honestly makes sense for Waiters in my opinion. Yes it sucks for us fans ... we all wanted to see him give us another run at 'Cuse but let me see you give up guaranteed millions of dollars. That's right, you wouldn't either. Good thing he toyed with our emotions and tried to fake us all out the night before he officially declared.

Call Out of the Week:

I find this very funny and can't help but thinking of Pooh Bear now every time I see Jared Sullinger. Bad news for Brandon Triche though ... Pooh Bear just knocked us out of the tourney.

On a side note. Has anyone else noticed how femminine the sweater that Triche is wearing in his twitter photo is? This is a real conversation I had with my girlfriend this week.

Her - "I want to tweet at Brandon Triche and find out where he got that sweater that he's wearing in his twitter picture."

Me - "Why?"

Her - "Because its cute and want to wear it, I think it's a girls sweater."

Here's the offending picture:


April Fools Prank of the Week:

Even though this was tweeted on April Fools and everyone should know better, I'm sure James Southerland terrified a large group of 'Cuse fans with this tweet.

Walk-On Tweet of the Week:

Bold prediction Albert Nassar. Kevin Love is fantastic but it might be a bit early to call that one. Are you forgetting about Larry Bird, Rick Barry, Dirk Nowitzki, Bill Walton, Jerry West, John Stockton, "Pistol" Pete Maravich, and Bob Pettit?

Re-tweet of the Week:

The Weekly School Is Hard Tweet:

This week Shamarko Thomas takes home the gold.

Another example of reading/doing other thins being hard for a Syracuse athlete.

If you want a laugh, check out Brandon Reese's twitter feed. Notice his background picture is of Jim Boeheim picking his nose. Also if there are any great twitters I should be including in these articles, let me know by leaving their twitter handles in the comments section.