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Syracuse Recruits (And A Potential One) Shine In All-American Championship


DaJuan Coleman, Jerami Grant and Nerlens Noel all suited up in the same uniform, saw action on the court together and sat next to one another on the same bench on Sunday. Syracuse Orange fans are hoping it won't be the last time.

The trio of basketball recruits took part in the All-American Championship, one of the bazillion All-Star Games taking place between now and June.

The East team, of which the trio was a part of, won 84-72, but who cares about that? How did they look?

Noel shone as brightly as advertised. He seemed to do it all. Hit jumpers, make crisp passes, block shots and even grab a couple steals.'s John Garcia, Jr. was most impressed by Noel's defensive prowess:

Noel was the best shot-blocker on the floor, as he should have been. Not only was he able to display his elite anticipatory skills, but he showed a somewhat surprising ability to get up to an apex on an opponent’s second or third shot attempts as well...As if that weren’t enough, Noel even showed quick hands against opposing big men, coming up with two steals in the win.

As for the guys actually committed to Syracuse, Coleman was a rebounding machine with 12, a game-high, and Grant looked aggressive, scoring eight points, including two big dunks.

The Syracuse Orange were in desperate need of rebounding and wings that could consistently deliver offense. Coleman and Grant have the potential to do both. Throw Noel in the mix and the Orange frontcourt could be among the nation's most dominant next year.

We'll find out April 11th. Either way, it sounds like both Coleman and Grant are very welcome additions to the Platinum Orange.