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TNIAAM Community Breakin' Records & Hearts But Mostly Records

Just wanted to take a moment to give a hearty thank you to everyone who visited TNIAAM in the month of March. It was the biggest month in the history of the site and it's pretty amazing to see where the site is now from where it was when it all started.

March 2012 saw approximately 760K pageviews and 447K visitors to the site, trumping the previous marks set in January (HINTHINTPOTENTIALADVERTISERHINTHINT). Of course, I should probably be thanking the Syracuse Orange basketball team in large part for those numbers but you're the ones who schlepped here every day to complain about them, so, good work.

And anyway, had the Orange advanced to the Final Four, that number would have been about 100K higher, so, you know, DO WORK NEXT TIME!

I was teaching a blogging class last week and I was telling people that I remember getting so excited when one of my posts got a comment or if I was able to get more than 100 people/day to visit the site (while pretending not to know that 35 of those 100 were me).

Now, the comments and site numbers are through the roof and we've built, no disrespect to the other SU blogs and message boards, the best online Syracuse community around.

I always say in those classes that it's my blog but it's our community. That's a really cheesy thing to say, but it's true.