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Nerlens Noel Will Announce April 11th, Commence Freaking Out

That Big Head could be yours, Nerlens...
That Big Head could be yours, Nerlens...

Nerlens Noel, the crown jewel of the Class of 2012 and the kind of guy that can take a team with high expectations and turn them into a team with sky-high expectations, has announced that he will pick his school of choice on April 11th.

In case you've been in a coma for the last five months, Noel is choosing between the Kentucky Wildcats, Syracuse Orange and Georgetown Hoyas.

Also, welcome back from your coma. Wait til I tell you what happened with Fab Melo...

April 11th is the first day of the Late Signing Period, so don't freak out too much when you hear that Shabazz Muhammad is also announcing on that day. It doesn't necessarily mean they're both picking Kentucky. Though...would you be shocked?

Both stars-in-the-making will make their announcements during an ESPN special, so your joy and/or misery will be broadcast for all to see.

Noel will be playing in the Jordan Brand Classic in a few weeks and has started an online diary for SLAM Online. In his most recent post, he outlines what he's looking for in his college of choice:

Basically, I’m just looking for a school where I feel comfortable that has a style of play that’s more up and down so I can get out in the open court and play to my strengths.

That's us, right? We do that. We like strengths.