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A Quick Note On The #140 Conference

I'm supposed to be in Syracuse right now preparing for a presentation at the #140 Conference at SU but unfortunately I'm still here in Seattle. A little situation popped up last night that prevented me from making my flight and thus...well, you know the rest.

My apologies to all of those who were planning on saying hi or checking out the panel. Don't worry, Glaude, Brent and Jameson will still be there and that trio can handle themselves just fine, though I am concerned that no one will be there to control Glaude.

And of course my apologies to the conference organizers, who did a great job promoting my appearance as well as the entire conference. I was looking forward to checking out the whole thing but it looks like I'll just have to pay attention on Twitter like the rest of the 99%.

Blarg and fech.