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Syracuse Football Spring Game: What You Need To Know

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For the second and final time this spring, you'll be able to actually witness Syracuse Orange football players playing football. The spring game is upon us!

You've got questions, here are your answers:

When is this magical game?

Saturday, April 21th. Carrier Dome doors open at 10:00 am, the team takes the field at 11:00 am and the spring game begins at Noon.

How much do I have to pay to watch Beckett Wales stretch?

Nothing! Parking is free! Admission is free! Watching Beckett Wales stretch is free!

Will I be able to meet Charley Loeb and take a picture with his dreamy face?

Indeed you shall. Following the game, there will be an autograph session in the Carrier Dome concourses.

Do I need to bring my own Syracuse football posters?

No, dummy. Free Syracuse football posters will be provided.

I'd like the opportunity to win prizes. Will I have that opportunity.

Yes you shall, says SU. "At halftime one lucky fan will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Field Goal Kick’ contest to win either $100 gift card from Empower Federal Credit Union."

I'm not entirely sure why Field Goal Kick is in quotes. It's pretty self-explanatory. And I assume that by saying you can with "either $100 gift card" that you have a choice as to which gift card you can claim as a prize even though they are both exactly the same? I'm very confused by this part.

Will there be inflatable jumpies?

No, there will not be inflatable jumpies. I am so sorry.

What should I be looking for out of the spring game? Does it matter who wins? Is Syracuse even playing?

Wake up, jackanut. Yes, Syracuse is playing. It's going to be some kind of "Orange vs. Blue" or "Orange vs. White" or "Orange vs. Platinum" match-up. No, it doesn't matter who wins. But there are some things to keep an eye on...

1. Do we get to see any of this new-fangled offense we keep hearing about? Does Ryan Nassib run more? Do John Kinder and Ashton Broyld see a lot of action out of the Wildcat or on the option?

2. What does Ashton Broyld do? Expectations for Broyld this season are somewhere between "runs the Wildcat a couple times" and "3,000 all-purpose yards and 30 TDs." Maybe we'll know which one seems more likely.

3. Has a premiere running back emerged? Are we looking at a RB-by-committee kind of year? Has Adonis Ameen-Moore converted some of that bulk into linebacker-pummeling muscle?

4. How's Marcus Sales look? Early indicators say he's even better than his Pinstripe Bowl days. With Alec Lemon injured, we're counting on Sales to lead this young receiving corp.

5. Which defensive linemen step up? We've got a lot of big bodies up front but we're not entirely sure which ones will be on the field when the clock starts.

6. Who is this year's "Young Linebacker That Makes The Leap?" Two years ago it was Marquis Spruill. Last year it was Dyshawn Davis. Who will throw down and surprise us all this year?

7. What sense can you make of the secondary? Is it #SHAMARKO Or Bust or is there some promise?

8. Who's kicking, how far are they kicking, do those kicks go where they're supposed to and if not, why?

9. Does Doug Marrone break out the fancy SU visor or does he stick with an old favorite.

If one of the back-up QBs throws a couple really good passes, should I jump on the Internet and immediately start saying that he should be the starter over Ryan Nassib?

Yes. Absolutely. I would urge you to do that because it's extremely logical.

I keep reading about how schools get 60,000 or more people to show up for their spring games. Wow, how many will show up to watch Syracuse, 80K? 100K?

Hey, you keep talking about something called lacrosse. Any of that going on?

Sure is. Following the spring game, stick around for the Syracuse - Georgetown men's lacrosse game that begins at 3:00 pm. It's free (as long as you're in the building before 1:30) and you get to watch a Syracuse team beat a Georgetown team. What else matters?