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Syracuse Basketball Birdhouse Lives To See Another Day

Get this man a Syracuse-themed birdhouse. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE
Get this man a Syracuse-themed birdhouse. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

The common assumption is that everyone in Syracuse is a Syracuse Orange fan. The people who attend and work at Syracuse University. The people who around the University. The people who spend their day driving Erie Boulevard or frequenting Shoppingtown Mall. All of them a Syracuse fan. Hell, even the people who sue Syracuse are huge Syracuse fans.

Tell that to the residents of campus-adjacent Meadowbrook Drive.

The Syracuse New-Times shares with us a story of intrigue, passion, vengeance and victory for the common man. It's the story of a birdhouse shaped like a Syracuse basketball.

The ’Cuse-inspired birdhouse recently ruffled a few feathers in the quaint family neighborhood. The birdhouse—on the corner of Meadowbrook Drive and Euclid Avenue—is one of four "endcap" decorations installed by members of the Meadowbrook Drive Neighborhood Association. Their mission: to spruce up some Onondaga County-owned property along Meadowbrook with flowers, mulch and decorative pieces. The other three endcap displays include a church, a house and a jet plane. Less than a week after the Orange-themed birdhouse went up, however, a few neighbors began griping about its appearance and size.

Apparently one very persistent party-pooper convinced the powers-that-be to remove the offending birdhouse.

To the rescue came Eric Persons, associate vice president at SU’s Office of Government & Community Relations, who heard about the fate of the birdhouse, inquired about whether or not SU could find a spot for it on the campus and lo and behold, the order to remove the birdhouse was removed.

Let that be a lesson to you, people of Syracuse. If SU wants to put a f***ing birdhouse on your lawn, it's going to put a f***ing birdhouse on your lawn and there's nothing you can do about. G'ORANGE!