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2013 Big East Tournament Will Be Altered, Shouldn't Affect Syracuse

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The 2013 Big East Tournament will almost certainly be the last one for the Syracuse Orange. We've seen the tournament morph into many different forms over the years and it looks like it's going to make one last alteration before we go.

Per Mike Waters, the loss of West Virginia and the impending UConn post-season ban, the BET will change the opening rounds to account for two less teams. However, the changes shouldn't affect the Syracuse Orange, assuming they don't fall off a cliff.

The top four seeds will stay the same and get their double-byes. But before that, they'll be some slight tweaks.

In recent years, the teams that finish fifth through eighth will have first-round byes and will begin play in Wednesday's second-round games.

In 2013, the teams that finish ninth and 10th also figure to receive first-round byes.

The remaining four teams would then play in a double-header on Tuesday, according to the source. The No. 11 seed would play No. 14, while No. 12 would play No. 13.

DePaul, if ever you wanted to make noise, any noise at all, this is your chance.