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Rick Jackson Tears Achilles, Season Over In France

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Sacrebleu! Notre ami Rick Jackson est blessé.

Syracuse Orange alum Rick Jackson has been playing overseas in France this season for Chorale Roanne. Unfortunately, his season has come to an end thanks to the evil, evil ruptured Achilles (translated).

Chorale Roanne (7th Pro A) has committed up to the end of the season inside Gani Lawal of Nigeria (2.08 m, 23), replacing Rick Jackson (2.06 m, 22), victim of a ruptured right Achilles tendon, said on Monday with the club Roanne.

The American player, which showed statistical averages of 10 points and six rebounds per game, was injured April 7 at Pau (87-97), and was operated on Thursday in Lyon.

Here are Rick's stats on the season, which look fairly solid.

No word on what this means for the big Philadelphian's future but hopefully he's rehabbing and will have a spot on the club when he returns next season.

H/T: Scott Schroeder