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New Syracuse Football Facility Story 'Inaccurate,' Says Gross

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Perhaps it seemed too good to be true after all. Over the weekend, a series of images and plans for a new Syracuse Orange football facility appeared in an architecture story. While there was no confirmation that the facility was happening or not, one could connect the dots that if it was being printed, it must be moving along.

Not so, according to DOCTOR Gross.

During the last conversation I had with athletics director Daryl Gross, sometime last year, this type of facility is still on the Orange wish list for several years down the road.

Gross said this afternoon that the story on the ArchDaily web site was inaccurate. I'm trying to find out from Bernheimer Architecture how the plans got released.

While that might be the case, remember what Gross told Orange Fizz a few weeks back.

"We are very aggressive with football right now and fund raising for a football facility. We’ve got some things that are going to be in motion very very soon. We recognize the need to – not so much an arms race – but a needs race of what we need right now."

So while a facility like that might not be in the immediate works, there is expected to be some news "very very soon" in some shape or form.

All I know is, if I'm Gross, I convince Don McPherson, Dick MacPherson and Donovan McNabb all to kick in some funds and then name the new facility "The Mac Center." Don't say I never do anything for you...