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Seriously, The Broyldening Is Coming

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You heard that the Broyldening was coming, but you weren't sure.

You saw that the Broyldening did not happen in Rochester and you doubted it.

But you shouldn't. You will live to regret it. The Broyldening is most-certainly coming and you're either prepared to deal with it or you're not.

Don't let the four snaps Ashton Broyld got during the open practice fool you, says Orange Fizz. The redhshirt freshman is expected to give the Syracuse Orange the kind of dynamic offensive weapon it hasn't seen in...well...ever?

"You’re going to see him a lot this season, all over the football field," the source says, even suggesting Broyld could see time at WR as well. The source said the playmaker was "looking great," reassuring news as the Spring Game approaches Saturday.

Excuse the old reference but as far as I can remember, Syracuse has never really had a Dave Meggett-type player who can line up at RB, WR, KR and even QB. Yet it sounds like Broyld is capable of doing that. That's exciting news.

Fizz also mentions that Marcus Sales looks very good and better than he did two seasons ago. So long as positive news like this keeps flowing out, we'll be fine with closed practice. However the spring game is this Saturday and there will be nowhere for the Orange to hide then.