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Is This The New Syracuse University Football Practice Facilty?

Photos courtesy of Bernheimer Architecture
Photos courtesy of Bernheimer Architecture

Bernheimer Architecture has posted a gallery of photos on their website for what appears to be a brand new Syracuse Orange football facility. It's not clear if this is an approved design or just a submission.

According to ArchDaily, it's to be built near Manley Field House between Coyne Stadium and the open-air football fields.

The site in its current state is an array of various athletic fields and parking lots situated between a residential neighborhood to the west and the Manley Field House to the east. The spaces between the buildings are differentiated with separate vegetation zones and ground surface treatments that reinforce this sense of place and identity and establish the area as a social space for students and student-athletes.

Syracuse football is in desperate need of upgraded facilities as the current ones barely measure up to Big East standards and don't even come close to matching future conference mates such as Florida State, Clemson and Georgia Tech.

DOCTOR Gross intimated that a football facilities upgrade was in the works a few weeks ago. Looks like he wasn't kidding. An appeal for $4 million in fundraising went out last year to upgrade the football facilities.

There is no date on the plans that confirm this project is a go or when it might be completed if so, so we'll have to wait and see. Check out more images after the jump and start wondering how this thing will look to prospective recruits.

All images courtesy of Bernheimer Architecture

Looks like a great space to hide out during the zombie apocalypse as well.


Uh guys, doesn't look like practice is over. Where are you going?


Who are those people studying outside a football complex?


Donovan McNabb Laser Light shows at night? BONUS!


Reminds me of the Kibbie Dome.


First thing we'll need to work on in the new facility? Coordinating practice outfits.




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