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Bobby Davis Denies Zach Tomaselli's Allegations

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As expected, Bobby Davis denies Zach Tomaselli's accusation that the initial Bernie Fine accuser told Zach to lie when they spoke for the first time.

"I never said anything like that at all to the kid. I just spoke to him a couple minutes. There were like two phone calls between us and they lasted a total of three to four minutes.

"It was very short. I asked him all the questions. I asked him to describe Bernie's house, to describe the arena, to name the players on the team at that time. He kept changing his story with me. He couldn't name the players, couldn't describe the house. I said, 'You just need to call the police.' I called back and asked him if he called the police and he said, 'no one answered.' I said, 'no one answered?'

" the short time we spoke what he said is not like anything I know of Bernie, but I'm not in position to question anybody."

It should be noted that the reporter in the ESPN story detailing Davis' side, Mark Schwarz, is the person who put Davis and Tomaselli in touch in the first place, raising the question of whether or not Schwarz should even still be reporting the story at all.

I assume this means Davis will be suing Tomaselli for defamation now?