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Tomaselli: 'Bobby Davis Told Me What To Tell Detectives'

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Before he goes to prison for three years, Bernie Fine accuser and professional flip-flopper Zach Tomaselli has one more for the road.

Not only did he make it all up, but, according to him, Bobby Davis coached him on what to say and do (via CNYCentral).

"It was a game to me. It was fun trying to make this story come alive. I was told by Bobby Davis what kind of porn Bernie likes. So I would add we were watching lesbian porn and going on and on. But, it didn't pan out because of my school records, there was a hole I didn't fill."

"I NEVER met Bernie fine or went to an autograph session. I sat in the nosebleeds at the Pitt game at the dome in 03 but that is it. I lied." As for why he misled police, prosecutors, reporters and the general public for so long, Tomaselli wrote, "I don't have feelings most of the time. I just hate people without caring."

And the piece de resistance? Tomaselli says his motivation was to get the Syracuse Orange back for beating his Kansas Jayhawks in the 2003 National Title game. I mean...

Here's some more quotes as well, explaining how Tomaselli went from liar to well-coached-liar.


  • First and foremost, we all know by now that we have to take this with a mountain of salt. If this is true, then EVERYTHING that Tomaselli has said up until now is a lie and, well, why wouldn't this be one as well? Tomaselli seems to have a disturbing need for attention and is under the impression that everyone (the DA, the police, the University, his hometown) are against him. By throwing Davis under the bus he could just be going for one last hurrah.
  • Either way, Bobby Davis needs to respond ASAP. Credibility or not, Tomaselli just threw Davis under the bus, hit reverse and then parked the bus on top of him. Considering two of the four accusers are admitted liars, a third was a denier for years and Davis is now accused to telling one of them how to go about framing Fine, the narrative has been lost. Don't think Boeheim's lawyers are going to keep an eye on this as well.
  • And if its true, Mark Schwarz could be in big trouble, or at least have lost whatever credibility he has as a journalist. Schwarz was the one reporting the story when he connected Tomaselli with Davis, thereby inserting himself into the story. If it turns out that Tomaselli made it all up with the help of Davis, I mean...

I had promised a couple months ago to stop writing about crazy Tomaselli and his nonsense, but, I just couldn't pass this one up. I'm riveted once again...damn you, Zach. I assume his "grandmother" will release an email shortly as well.