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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Michigan Man Steve Morrison

Marquis Spruill better keep this up for his new boss. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Marquis Spruill better keep this up for his new boss. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Along with Donnie Henderson, there's another new coach on the Syracuse Orange football staff. Steve Morrison joined the team in the off-season to take over at the linebacker spot for Dan Conley.

Like Henderson, Morrison is here via his previous connections to current SU coaches. The former Michigan Wolverine and Indianapolis Colt served on Scott Shafer's defense alongside Tim Daoust with the Western Michigan Broncos. He spent the last couple seasons at Eastern Michigan where he oversaw the LBs. Having accomplished everything he wanted to within the state of Michigan, he decided to branch out. spoke with Morrison, who is excited to work with his old friends again.

"It's been great. Scott and I had the opportunity to work together for two years and Tim and I for four years together, so we have a real familiarity, which has been great."

Morrison's familiar with Shafer gives him a leg-up in terms of how the Orange play defense:

"I think I have an idea of the scheme. Obviously that's changed over time since I've been with Scott but, philosophically, I know what he wants, which I think is more important. I know the type of football he wants to play, and I can add some insight in terms of having done it in the past."

And while Morrison is just getting started with the linebackers, he's liking what he's seeing:

"They're a fun group to coach. I've really enjoyed getting to know these kids. The biggest thing that I can say is that they're trying to do what I'm coaching them to do. We have a lot of work to do. When I came in, I wanted them to know that they had a fresh start with me. Whatever happened in the past stays in the past."