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Jim Boeheim Lawsuit: To Dismss Or Not To Dismiss

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Hey, remember this? Me either.

The defamation lawsuit against Jim Boeheim is still working its way through the whole "is this gonna happen or not" thing. In a shocking turn, Boeheim's lawyers say it shouldn't and Bobby Davis and Mike Lang's lawyers say it should.

"Boeheim’s statements not only harmed Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, they also no doubt had a substantial chilling effect on other victims of sexual abuse who already face so many obstacles to reporting," Wang wrote.

While the effect of Boeheim's initial comments are up for debate, I'm not sure how the effect they have on people who have nothing to do with this lawsuit or situation enters into things. But then again, I'm not a lawdog (like these guys).

The two sides will go toe-to-toe on April 27 when they argue the motion to dismiss the lawsuit in front of state Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph, no relation to Kris DeJoseph.

Elsewhere, you probably heard that third Bernie Fine accuser and habitual mind-changer Zach Tomaselli has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for sexually abusing a boy in Maine. Tomaselli's sentence includes six years of probation and sex-offender counseling. The prison term commences April 18.

Condolences to all parties, except those who were on Tomaselli's mass email list for every Bernie Fine-related update he deemed fit worth sharing. He used it often, so, congrats to them.