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We Need To Talk About Syracuse Womens Lacrosse

Michelle Tumolo is pumped!
Michelle Tumolo is pumped!

In the wake of the Syracuse Orange men's basketball teams Elite Eight loss and the malaise that is the Syracuse men's lacrosse season, I think it's about time we look elsewhere for our happiness.

Enter the Syracuse women's lacrosse team.

You want wins? They've got nine, including wins over No. 4 Florida, No. 5 Maryland, No. 7 Notre Dame, No. 20 Towson and a 22-4 obliteration of No. 6 Dartmouth earlier this week.

You want a high ranking? They're No. 2 in the nation right now. They trail only Northwestern, one of the two teams to beat the Orange this season (a respectable 11-9 overtime loss). The other loss was a 9-7 defeat to No. 14 Virginia.

You want goals? They've scored 20 or more in a game three times and 15 or more in a game six times.

You want star wattage? Gary Gait is their coach! What more do you need? How bout Michelle Tumolo, who scored eight points against Dartmouth. or Alyssa Murray, who leads the team with 54 points (37 goals). Or Kailah Kempney, who is garnering Rookie of the Year talk. (Full team stats PDF here).

Gait stopped by Brent Axe's show on Tuesday to talk about what's going on with the team and explain how important the tough schedule and recent recruiting has been.

Oh and you want wins over Georgetown? Then head over to the Dome on Saturday, April 14 when the Orange face-off against the Hoyas at 2:30 p.m. The game is broadcast on 89.1-FM WJPZ if you can't make it.

It's free, you'll probably get to watch Syracuse win...what else do you want?