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If Nerlens Noel Doesn't Choose Syracuse, It Won't Be For Lack Of Encouraging Tweets

MCDubz would love to throw that ball in Nerlens Noel's direction.
MCDubz would love to throw that ball in Nerlens Noel's direction.

I think we can all agree that the deciding factor for Nerlens Noel in choosing which college to play basketball for will be which fanbase sends him the most tweets in the days leading up to his decision. I think that's obvious.

Dave Bing chose Syracuse for the exact same reason. And then wrote about it on his Tumblr before sending out an Instagram photo of himself in front of Manley Field House.

FYI, it's Noel's birthday and I'm sure you've already wished him Happy Birthday (a selfless act) while also asking for a retweet (thereby defeating the selflessness of said act).

Seriously, I think it's pretty clear that as we wish Dion Waiters a humble & hungry farewell, Noel is clearly looking to usurp the role as Syracuse Basketball Tweetmaster General. His reminder that it was his birthday ten minutes before it was his birthday so that you could tweet him to say happy birthday capped it for me.

Otherwise, the full-court press is on. Michael Carter-Williams, who I'm pretty sure said in an interview that he wasn't going to push Nerlens to make a SU decision, is completely and unabashedly pushing Nerlens to make an SU decision.

Jerami Grant is doing pretty much the same thing while DaJuan Coleman and Nerlens were chatting on Twitter a couple days ago in a more laid back way. Even the walk-ons are making sly pushes.

If Noel picks Kentucky or Georgetown, he can't say he didn't feel the Cuse-y love. And according to many, that's exactly what he'll do. Many of Noel's fellow players think he's going to pick Kentucky while others said Georgetown. None of them said Syracuse.

Is that why Nerlens said he's "gon shock the world"? Cause he's going to pick SU in lieu of what many expect him to do? I suppose you could read into that. But who the hell knows. Maybe "shocking the world" is just how he describes the decision itself.

We'll find out tomorrow.