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Syracuse Daily Links - 'We All We Got'


Scoop Says Distractions Are Sign of ‘Disrespect’ |
"Everything that they’ve been talking about…actually it disrespects us because this is our season. For myself, this is my final season. For everything to be coming up now, it’s kind of like a disrespect and it brings us closer together and it makes us hungry to go out and prove people wrong. "And we use the motto, ‘We all we got.’"

Lenn Robbins: Syracuse rally to beat Connecticut in Big East Tournament quarterfinals shows how team ignores turmoil around it -
After Dion Waiters threw down a savage dunk as the horn sounded, a dunk that left the basket shaking and, though the shot was no good, drove a stake in the heart of Connecticut fans, he fixed a laser stare on the Garden crowd and raised both arms, the index finger on each hand extended upward. Syracuse fans wouldn’t have blamed him if he had chosen to raise his middle fingers.

Jim Boeheim says Syracuse Orange reported drug tests 5 years ago - ESPN
"All these guys care about is how they play and where their girlfriends are," he said. "They don't care about this stuff. Teams that lose say that. 'Oh, we lost because of the distractions.' That's bull----. Players care about how they play, how their team is playing and where their girlfriends are. That's it."

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim praises freshmen Michael Carter-Williams and Rakeem Christmas |
"He was huge in the first half," Boeheim said. "He made a couple blocks and I think had four or five rebounds in eight minutes. I thought he was really good. I think this was a good game for him and gave us another guy in that center position."

Is Syracuse's non-conference football schedule the Big East's toughest? |
South Florida plays Florida State and Miami, but the Bulls also have Nevada, Ball State and Chattanooga on the schedule. Louisville has dates with Mississippi State, Kentucky and Southern Mississippi, but also plays Florida International and Missouri State. Rutgers travels to Arkansas and Tulane, but has home dates with Kent State, Army and Howard.

Leading Off: In College Sports, the Shadows Lurk -
Pete Thamel of The Times had already reminded us that the season has been both successful and dreadful for Boeheim, and the best thing you can say about the drug-testing scandal is it has replaced asking him about the fired assistant/accused child molester Bernie Fine.

College Basketball: Is Syracuse Lucky, Good or Both? - The Daily Fix - WSJ
"Luck" is the term college-hoops analyst Ken Pomeroy uses for the deviation between a team’s winning percentage and the share of games it should have won, given its schedule and strength. This year Syracuse’s luck rating is +0.08, good for 19th-highest in Division I and by far the highest among top 10 teams in Pomeroy’s ratings, which take into account teams’ schedules, results and pace of play. Rather than choose whether it’s better to be lucky or good, Syracuse has covered its bases by being both this season.

SU cheerleaders and Otto make appearance on GMA - NewsChannel 9 WSYR
The Syracuse cheerleaders and Otto the Orange made an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday. They showed up with Sam Champion during a weather segment outside GMA's Time Square studio in New York City.

Syracuse and UConn Play for History - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
In the closing moments, when victory for the Orange was assured, former Syracuse players started yelling toward the bench. "We love you, Scoop!" one shouted. "Even when you’re not playing!" It’s difficult to believe that next year, at Madison Square Garden, a new chapter will begin.

Syracuse as unselfish as it is deep - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
"I know a lot of people would say that this is hurting my future or whatever, but if we win, everybody will get noticed,’’ Jardine said. "Of course I’d rather be out there, but this is about winning a national championship. If I’m having a bad game, Dion [Waiters] can pick me up. If Dion is having a bad game, Brandon [Triche] can pick him up. If it’s not Brandon, it’s me. We’re all on the same page. We’ve got each other’s back.’’

The Titus Top 12 Mailbag - Grantland
I don't think there's any doubt that the way these teams are perceived would be completely different if Syracuse had Melo against Notre Dame and the Orange won. Even though the Big East is having a down year, if 'Cuse had been able to run the table in college basketball's most historic conference, they would definitely be the favorite heading into the tournament and there's no way we wouldn't be having discussions about the Orange as one of college basketball's all-time greatest teams.

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein took to the streets of New York during Big East Tournament week in hopes of receiving an education from the league's fans.