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Syracuse Drug Test Violations 'Reported Five Years Ago,' Says Boeheim


Update: Aaaand Boeheim should have just kept his mouth shut...again...

Original: At this rate, we'll find out that the drug test violations that Syracuse Orange basketball players committed between 2001 and 2007 were initially-reported as part of the Proclamation of 1763.

The initial report from Yahoo! Sports made it sound like Syracuse University was just now reporting multiple violations after it came to light.Then the NCAA announced that Syracuse self-reported the violations months ago. Then Doc Gross threw down, saying that SU's self-report to the NCAA was "years ago."

Today after Syracuse's win over UConn, Jim Boeheim went one step further.

This was reported five years ago, and we're waiting for them to make finish the process.

Well then. Case closed.


Whether he's telling the truth or not, let the record show that nothing, not even a defamation lawsuit, can get Jim Boeheim to quit yappin'.