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Blind Taste Test: This Is Un-Fair


I feel really bad about putting C.J. Fair in among these big guys. CJ has been consistent, a steady rebounder, and an all around smart player... probably the player I trust the most. He's the closest thing this team has to a regular power forward. But in my personal list of best Orangemen to play the game in my time as a fan, four of them played the four.

Syracuse has never been the most physical of teams, but there are some straight-up burly guys in here. The four spot usually leads the team in rebounding, has decent to good to great shot blockers, and (with rare exceptions) I seldom want to see them jack up a three. How does CJ line up?

My favorite fun fact here... between the power forwards and the centers, only 2 of the 14 guys have FG% under 50%. And because this is Syracuse, only three of them have FT% over 70%.


See the Point Guards, Shooting Guards, and Small Forwards. All identities will be revealed on Saturday, March 10.