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Syracuse Daily Links - Syracuse, Kentucky & Everyone Else


NCAA selection committee chairman: 'We know who the two best teams are' |
"I think we all agree that if the season ended today, we know who the two best teams are," he said Wednesday. "If you’re looking at 3 and 4 on the first line and the entire second line, we have the same handful of teams in mind but where they would be laced will be a tremendous debate."

After missing first two meetings between Syracuse and Connecticut, Jim Calhoun is back coaching the Huskies |
"A huge difference,’’ UConn sophomore Jeremy Lamb said. "He’s the head coach. He told us how he feels about us. He told us he loves us. He told us he’s here for us. To see somebody come out of surgery and come back to the team that quick, it means a lot. He’s had a huge impact.’’

Big East Tournment - Ryan Blackwell's Answer (1998)
Ron Artest's 3-pointer tied the 1998 semifinal between Syracuse and St. John's, 67-67, with 17 seconds left. Without taking a timeout, coach Jim Boeheim put the team's fate in the hands of his players. Senior guard Todd Burgan almost betrayed that trust, falling down as he penetrated just inside the arc but still finding Blackwell on the left wing. He took one dribble and slid to his right before draining the winning jumper as the horn sounded and the Orange players erupted in celebration. The shot put 'Cuse into the tourney's title game, which it would lose to Connecticut. But still, it was an all-time clutch moment.

NCAA drug policy explained by officials - News - The Daily Orange
"It'd be real early in the morning. They don't want you to be able to do nothing like get rid of any drugs or anything like that, so they'll test you real early," said Davis, a former football player. "They make you pull your pants down. They watch you pee into a cup. It's like no cheating the system."

Syracuse University lacrosse player Tim Desko's trick shot vs. Cavs was a repeat performance |
"I've done it before in practice," Tim Desko said at the time. "I've kind of watched Cody (Jamieson) and (Stephen) Keogh do that stuff in practice, and I played hockey where that kind of shot isn't unusual. Really, it was my only option."

Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde and Charles Robinson on the Syracuse basketball drug policy story (podcast) |
One thing Forde and Robinson both admitted to me is the spark that lit the fire in looking into this story was the intense media coverage the Bernie Fine scandal produced. Once Syracuse got put under the microscope, this drug policy story was one of the things that was found under it.

Syracuse basketball recruit Nerlens Noel named to USA Junior National Select Team |
The USA Junior National Select Team will take on the World Select Team of international players who are 19-years-old or younger, in the 2012 Nike Hoop Summit on April 7 in Portland, Oregon.

Lots of Pulp: Beware the dreaded nonuple bye
Now, nearly every team will receive a bye, with the regular season champion advancing immediately to the conference title game. Just imagine the intrigue when DePaul is playing Marquette for the championship on its 10th consecutive gameday with the NCAA Tournament hanging in the balance. John, you're a genius.

MSOC | Long time coming: Former Syracuse standout Vuolo fulfills dream playing professional soccer - Sports - The Daily Orange
"It's all I wanted to do, never did anything else, never played any other sport, just wanted to play football or soccer all the time," Vuolo said. That decision set him on a globetrotting career path stretching from playing in the churchyard to starring in college at Syracuse and professionally in Finland and, finally, suiting up for the New York Red Bulls. Along the way, Vuolo underwent personal experiences that form the foundation for his career as he competes for a starting job in Major League Soccer.

Sources: SU Basketball Also Kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby | Syracuse Campus Basement
Sources within the Syracuse Athletic Department have told CampusBasement that in addition to sexually abusing children, sleeping with coaches' wives, and blatantly ignoring internal drug testing policy, employees of and players on the SU basketball team may have also kidnapped and murdered Charles Lindbergh's infant son in 1932.

Editorial | Men's basketball team deserves support during scandal - Opinion - The Daily Orange
In light of the current situation, Syracuse fans are reminded of the Bernie Fine scandal that broke in mid-November and cast a negative spotlight on the team. After the Fine scandal, fans of opposing teams created signs in an attempt to taunt Syracuse. This will inevitably happen again. But the team, which finished the season 30-1, can do nothing more than carry on with its play.

Syracuse Orange basketball fans in New York City for the Big East Tournament, voice their opinions on their favorite team. (Dennis Nett/