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Syracuse vs. UConn: Omne Trium Perfectum


Beat UConn once, shame on them.

Beat UConn twice, shame on them again.

Beat UConn three times, seriously, enough already. This is shameful.

The rule of three is a principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. So in that sense, beating the Connecticut Huskies one more time this season should be a whole lot of fun.

We'll get the opportunity Thursday morning now that the Huskies defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers71-67 in overtime:

The West Virginia Mountaineers went up by as many as 11 points midway through the second half of Wedneday's Big East Tournament game. However, the UConn Huskies outscored the Mountaineers 12-4 over the final 4:20 of regulation to tie the score at 65 apiece and force overtime, before going on to a 71-67 win.

The bad news? UConn is feeling that mojo that they had last year when they ran the table in five days. Plus, I'm having flashbacks to 2010...Syracuse was a one-seed with a double bye playing a rival they already beat twice this might remember we lost that game.

The good news? Kris and Scoop were there for that, so they remember what's at stake. And, like I said, we've beaten them twice already and the second time was easier.

Oh and the last time Syracuse played UConn in the BET

Of course, the Huskies beat us 76-71 last year in a game that included one measly overtime.

What I'm saying is, given the average, expect tomorrow's game to go at least three overtimes. Maybe four.