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Syracuse Basketball: Kris Joseph 'Daydreaming' About National Title

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via John H.

The Syracuse Orange still have a looooong way to go before they can even start planning for the Final Four. However, that's not stopping Kris Joseph from doing a little daydreaming:

"I might find myself daydreaming now and then, but for now I'm daydreaming about winning a national championship."

As much success as the Orange have had while the winningest player in Syracuse history, has been here, he's still got a lot of notches left to make. And it's good news to hear that he wants to be the one to make it happen:

"When it comes down to it, I've been here four years. I'm one of the veterans on this team," Joseph said. "And I would trust myself with the ball in my hands in the dying seconds of a tie game. Whether I make or miss the shot, I'd rather have the ball in my hands."

Kris and Scoop have never won a Big East Tournament and they've never made it past the Sweet Sixteen. First things first. For a team that accomplished so much in the regular season, it would be a shame to miss out on so many opportunities in the post-season.

The D.O. thinks the Orange need to keep Fab Melo involved, hope that Brandon Triche builds some momentum and then everyone just grab rebounds, rebounds, rebounds. If they can do all of that, they might just win the Big East Tournament. And then they'll be one more accomplishment done.