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Syracuse Basketball Scandal Wrapped In An Allegation Nestled Inside A Kerfuffle

When that Yahoo! report broke on Monday, I think every Syracuse Orange fan's stomach knotted up and we all just waited for the next announcement to roll in.

Since then, cooler heads have prevailed and we're all moving forward with the expectation that small punishments will come of this.

Before the calm after the storm, some Syracuse folks got pretty worked up about the impending doom, including Syracuse Adjunct Professor Dennis Deninger.

That tweet caught the attention of a lot of Syracuse folks and caused a bit of a kerfuffle. To be fair, the article says that the tweet caused a critical comment from Orange legend Derrick Coleman, but that actually isn't the real DC44.

Always good for a good comment, Professor David Rubin thinks the idea that athletes are required to be drug tested in general is dumb:

"We don't test other students at SU for recreational drug use, we never tested Newhouse students, why should we, they're adults," Rubin said.

"We've had enough with the Bernie Fine business, the NCAA will make us deal with it through whatever protocol they have and it might not be nice," Rubin said.

As a fellow Adjunct Professor (#Humblebrag), I don't have a problem with Deninger's tweet either. I had the same concerns in the minutes following the report's release.

Much ado about nothing, much like the Yahoo! report.