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Blind Taste Test: The Swingmen

As often as not, the Small Forward on a Jim Boeheim team is the do-it-all guy. They occupy a key place in the zone, tend to shoot the ball well, but are equally adept at taking the ball to the hoop, and we usually wish they would rebound more.

In the past ten years SU has had two players come in to dominate the swingman position for a year, only to depart for greener pastures. More often this is a position where people grow. Kris Joseph went from unheralded recruit, to little used reserve, to a top-notch sixth man, to leading the team in scoring the past two seasons.

With a couple of notable exceptions, this list is populated by steady, dependable players... guys that put together great careers during less than stellar times.

How does the single winningest player in SU history stack up against the small forwards of yesteryear?


See the Point Guards and Shooting Guards. All identities will be revealed on Saturday, March 10.