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Temple To Big East 'Imminent', According To Report

It looks like Syracuse's 2012 football schedule will be officially-officially complete soon. The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Temple's move from the MAC back to the Big East is "imminent."

"With strong certainly, a move is imminent," a source said Tuesday. "The MAC was working on the buyout clause this weekend.

The Big East presidents could vote Wednesday on Temple’s membership in the conference at a regularly scheduled meeting in New York.

According to a source, Temple joining the conference is an item on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting.

The big holdout is likely money. MAC bylaws say you have to pony up $2.5 million to leave, but that's assuming a two-year heads-up. Some have reported that the school will have to pay $3.5M to leave now.

If (and when) Temple joins the Big East, it will complete the 2012 Syracuse Orange football schedule and the Orange will play the Owls in Philly just like old times.

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The move is a huge short-term win for the Big East as it would give the conference eight teams in 2012 and allow the conference to move to 12 teams in 2013 instead of waiting for Navy to arrive in 2015.

Get ready for the 2013 Big East Championship Game between Temple and Houston, live from Tampa. It's coming.