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Orange Glory DVD: Interview With Matt Sharp

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The company behind the Orange Glory DVD is Sharp Entertainment and the man behind Sharp Entertainment is Matt Sharp. Matt grew up a crazy Syracuse Orange fan just like you and me, so you can imagine what a labor of love making this DVD was.

I asked Matt some questions about what led up to Sharp Entertainment creating this DVD and what you can expect while you wait for your copy...


Matt, you're from Syracuse, so I assume this was your idea?

Yes. I’m a lifelong Syracuse fan. Both of my parents are professors at SU, so I practically grew up in the Dome. About a year ago, I approached the university with the idea of producing the definitive SU Basketball DVD. For it, I wanted to get everyone to talk- from all of the players and the coaches to broadcasting notables including Bob Costas, Jim Nantz, etc. Gladly, we were able to accomplish almost everything we set out to do.

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What was the process for deciding the top 20 moments and the order therein?

We consulted everyone possible. From the university, former players, the coaches, and even the fanatical fans. There are about 10 totally obvious moments that I think no one could debate, but outside those there are another 20-30 great moments we had to choose from. Ordering them all was a lot of fun. For each moment we tried to contextualize it based on its merit as a moment as well as its overall importance to the history of Syracuse basketball.

How many of those moments did you get to witness firsthand and do you have a favorite?

I was there in person for at least 5 of the moments on the list. I still very clearly remember Pearl hitting his half court shot against BC when I was in 6th grade. I'll never forget that moment. The Dome just exploded. As Coach Boeheim remarks in the DVD, Pearl and that shot were really the beginning of a new era for Syracuse Basketball. I was also there for some of the bad moments including Keith Smart’s shot in 1987—but you won’t find that on this DVD!

Since every SU fan remembers, where were you when SU won the National Title?

I was in my apartment in New York City watching with friends and my wife who was 9 1/2 months pregnant at the time. I remember worrying that at any moment my screams were going to send her into labor.

The array of Syracuse legends interviewed is impressive, was it easy to get everyone to sit down and talk about SU?

We found that anyone with a connection to Syracuse basketball (former players, etc.) seem to still have a real affection for the program and were more than happy to give us time for interviews. Also, we got a tremendous response from the media and sports broadcasters, all of whom were eager to speak about many of the moments.

How can Orange fans find the DVD and purchase it?

For now, they can go to to order. Thanks!

Orange Glory :60 Web Promo from Sharp Digital, LLC on Vimeo.