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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week In Twitter: Syracuse


First off ... I work with what you give me boys. So if Fab Melo is somehow reading this ... get back on your Twitter game. Thank god for James Southerland saving this article this week.

Worst Timed Tweet:

A crack fiend? Really J South ... might want to turn on the TV and realize tweeting about a crack fiend might not be the most politically correct thing the day after this news broke. Good thing he was just referring to girl scout cookies ... I mean who doesn't get the shakes if they don't get their thin mint fix every once in a while?

Alumni Tweet of the Week:

First off ... good for Paul Harris for taking a midnight run. But Paul Harris is working out at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is suiting for the weekend warrior who doesn't want to cough up more than 10 dollars a month for gym membership ... not sure if it's the right fit for someone who is attempting to continue a "professional" basketball career. Let's hope that Pauly's hard work pays off and he won't have to play for a team named the "Talk and Text Texters" again in the near future.

Tweet I Wish Was Taken Back:

Really Kris Joseph? You just gave a shout out to the woman I probably hate more than anyone involved in the sports world in any way. Doris Burke is easily the worst basketball analyst I have ever heard speak ... honestly I don't even know where to begin with her. Every time she is calling a game I'm watching I put the game on mute - NO EXCEPTIONS! I lost a little respect for Joseph after this tweet but I'll let it slide just because K-Jo is the man.

Thank God He's Not a Pedophile:

Haha ... good call James. The last thing this team needs is another violation (though this one might not be of the NCAA variety).