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Blind Taste Test: Brandon, Dion and ???

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Brandon Triche is having a down season. He's a good player that isn't quite adapting to sharing time. Dion Waiters, on the other hand is having a banner year. The funny thing is though, if you look at just their numbers, it's kind of hard to tell if there's really that much of a difference. Them's statistics for you.

It's weird, but looking at every season since the early 80s showed me something. Shooting guard has not, historically, been our strongest position. Only two different two guards led the team in scoring for the course of a season (and really, both were combination shooting guard / small forwards. I had to make a judgment call there. I went with the guy with more ApG at the two.)

I love the variety in this list. Three of them tripled their freshman year scoring totals by their final year, while one started off averaging 18 points per game. One of them has gone on to an admirable coaching career, another, let's face it, we're all kind of surprised hasn't found himself on Jerry Springer yet. Also, there's a guard on here that gives Scoop a run for his money with the questionable free-throw shooting. 53% over a (fantastic) career? Crazy.

Can you find Dion and Brandon in here? Can you find people that may or may not have been high when they played?


See the Point Guards. All identities will be revealed on Saturday, March 10.