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Syracuse Defeats Louisville: The Photology


The Syracuse Orange defeated the Louisville Cardinals 58-49 on Saturday. Here are the photos to prove it (Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE).

First up, let's recognize the seniors. Kris Joseph hoists his framed jersey to adoring Syracuse fans:


And here's Scoop doing the same with an adoring Nancy Cantor looking on:


Here's a Jardine Family shot, which naturally includes DOC Gross and Nancy Cantor.


And give it up for the walk-ons seniors, Nick Resavy, Brandon Reese and Matt Tomaszewski (and DOC Gross and Nancy Cantor, natch).


I want to immediately move to the end of the game and the Big East Championship Trophy presentation, which includes this amazing Kris Joseph from Montreal photo, Scoop taking the Big East Trophy and runnin' and the perfect way for Brandon Reese to shine for one final time.

In a season full of amazing Brandon Triche faces, this might be the best one yet.

Requisite Fab Melo Face here, here, and below:


Speaking of Fab, is that kid holding up a Chipotle menu for him to sign?

Fab do good. Fab earn high-five.

This is called Whatever The Hell We Have To Do To Stop You, Even If It Includes Kicking:


Rick Pitino just before a classic Rick Pitino face, here he is in 75% mode and this is what I like to call The Pitino Pirate.

C.J. Fair...HEISMAN!

Humble, Hungry and putting up the Dynasty Symbol. Excuse me, the Humble Dynasty Symbol. Fair enough, I mean he did levitate during the game at one point.

Boeheim summoning the Dark Lords of UnderDome. And here's Boeheim just after he woke up from his usual mid-second half nap. "What? Where am I? Are we still up by 13? Fine, I'm going back to sleep."

This is either a really unfortunate photo of Baye Moussa Keita or he's just completely forgotten how to play basketball (or both?).

There were a lot of people in the Dome on Saturday. Many of them yelled a lot.

Finally, it was a game of two handshakes. Both times between longtime friends on and off the court: