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Syracuse Defeats Louisville: Quotant Quotables

Mar 3, 2012; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange guard Scoop Jardine (11) greets forward Kris Joseph (32) after coming out of the game against the Louisville Cardinals at the Carrier Dome.  Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 3, 2012; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange guard Scoop Jardine (11) greets forward Kris Joseph (32) after coming out of the game against the Louisville Cardinals at the Carrier Dome. Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Louisville Cardinals 58-49 on Saturday. Here are the quotes to prove it:

Jim Boeheim, summing it all up:

...To win 30 games (overall) in this league, to win 17 (in conference) is a tremendous accomplishment for these players. I told them there is really four phases in a basketball season and you go through. Non-conference games is the first phase and they did what they needed to do. The conference season, they did everything you could ask them to do. You go to New York and try to get as ready as you can to play in New York and then the NCAA tournament. These guys have done everything you can ask them to do — a very unselfish team. They really look for each other, a really tremendous season."

Boeheim, on Kyle Kuric's lack of three-point scoring:

I guess (Kyle) Kuric, he’s made enough three’s against us during his career. You figure he’s used them all up.

Boeheim on Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine's struggles:

I think the tribute to the two seniors—Kris got going a little bit, Scoop struggled a little bit. But seniors put a little too much pressure on themselves in their last game and I think that’s what happened to them.

Scoop Jardine on what he takes away from Senior Day:

"It was very emotional. The most important thing for me was having my family here to cherish the moment with me. They’ve been through everything from my freshman year to my fifth year, and to see them and my teammates and everybody that loves and supports me there in that moment, it was emotional. But we’ve still have a lot of basketball left to play, and we have to continue to play our game and play at a high level. I think we can do something special."

Scoop on whether or not he's disappointed about not scoring:

"We won. I’d rather go out like we did and have zero points and a big win against a Louisville team that we struggled against during my time here than have 30 points and a loss. That’s not who I am."

Kris Joseph on what he was thinking as he walked off the court on Senior Day:

"Nothing much really. The fans gave me a little standing ovation; that was nice of them. But the thought of this being my last game at the Dome never really crossed my mind. Now, in the locker room, I’m thinking about it being my last game. But on the court, I was just thinking about the game."

Triche on how we should remember Scoop:

"Scoop should be remembered as a leader. He’s a guy that matured over his four years and has been through a lot of ups and downs. He toughed it out and got his degree. A lot of guys lately just go through college quickly and want to get to the NBA. But Scoop got his degree. He’s a good guy and a great teammate."

Triche on how we should remember Kris Joesph from Montreal:

"He’s very talented, very chill. He’s a guy you want to be around, and he’s getting his degree as well. Guys that stay four years really help the team out. So it just shows you what kind of guy he is to stay four years and get his degree."

(Maybe I'm reading into these quotes waaaaaaay too much but do you think it's a little bit of a message to Dion the way Triche is stressing the four-year thing? Maybe? Maybe not.)

Dion Waiters on the game and the season:

"I’m happy to be a part of history. I know it’s something that’s going to live long in Syracuse. No matter what, when you come back someone’s going to remember you for being on a 30-1 team...I couldn’t write this. I couldn’t picture this. It’s a great feeling just being a part of this team. It’s a great group of guys. I love playing with them. We have great chemistry.’’

Fab Melo on the season:

"It’s hard to believe. It’s something that doesn’t happen every year. It’s special. Our team is special. We know that.’’

Melo on how he was able to shut down Louisville big man Gorgui Dieng.

"He’s more of a defensive player like me. He tried to make some shots, but it didn’t work.’’

Scoop, to Derrick Coleman, who cajoled the senior that he was still scoreless with seven minutes left in the game:

"We’re winning."