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NCAA Tournament Final Four GameThread


No, the Syracuse Orange are not prominently involved. But chances are you'll be watching the Final Four anyway cause you're a glutton for punishment.

First up, the Louisville Cardinals will try to save the world from the Kentucky Wildcats. You may have heard...these two teams and their two coaches are familiar with one another. For the Cardinals, who will probably be wearing orange for some dumb reason, it might just be the biggest game in school history. For Kentucky, they feel like they're so talented that it's just another game on the way to glory.

After that, some teams called the Ohio St. Buckeyes and the Kansas Jayhawks are playing one another. I think. Honestly, I'm not even sure if that game is being televised.

Share your pre-, in- and post-game comments below and feel free to bitterly add every moment when you see a team make a mistake and think to yourself, "Gah, if only Syracuse were here, they'd be up by thirty!"