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Syracuse Orange Friday Morning Videobag

Here's a new feature for you and it's up to you to make it work. Mostly.

All week, you tweet or email me questions you want answered and on Friday I'll post my video responses to those questions.

In the inaugural edition, I answer the most pressing questions about Syracuse Orange athletics, including...

  • What's the deal with Fabricio Melo, anyway? Is he gone? Is it official?
  • Is Nerlens Noel going to end up with Syracuse or Kentucky?
  • What is the biggest takeaway that we need to get from Syracuse football spring practice?
  • Who is the freshman most likely to make a sudden impact?
  • Which unit on the football team will be the most critical to watch?
  • Just how long will Jim Boeheim keep coaching this team?
  • And finally and most importantly...
  • Would a Syracuse win on the moon count or would that just be part of the Syracuse City-State/Ottoman Empire and therefore not count?

Wonder no longer, your answers are just a click away...