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Syracuse Football - What Can Player Tweets Tell Us About Secret Practice?

"If you want a window in a person's soul, read their tweets." - Socrates

Doug Marrone continues to keep Syracuse Orange football practice on lockdown and media blackout. Fair enough, that's his right and I agree with his reasoning.

But, dammit, that doesn't mean we're not gonna try to figure out what's happening. And we're going to use the only resource available to us to make it happen...Syracuse football player tweets.

I had to weed through TONS of motivational quotes, Bible quotes, retweets and generic complaints about girls and their ways, but, I think I got it...

Freshman QB Ashton Broyld is learning that the game has changed:

The Internet's leading motivational Tweeter Eric Crume seems to have suffered some kind of leg injury but has recovered...

Justin Pugh lets us know that the young fellas are holding up their own so far...

Finally, let's hope Keon Lyn is talking about making money in the future and not that practice has turned into some kind of pay-for-play system:

That's about all I was able to figure out. I guess everything is great and we're going 13-0 this year. Fantastic!