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2012 NFL Draft: Syracuse DL Chandler Jones Exepcted To Go Early

Remember when we scoffed at the idea of Chandler Jones going in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft? Well he who scoffs, gets scoffed back. Or something.

Quite a few notable draftniks think Chan-Chan will be selected before Round 2 is over, with one of them thinking he goes in the first round.

Mel Kiper, Jr., the most famous of the Mel Kipers, thinks that if you turn on the draft at the beginning of Round 3 to see where Chandler goes, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Despite missing 5 games with a knee injury, Syracuse DE/OLB Chandler Jones doesn't figure to last past the middle portion of round two.

Meanwhile Todd McShay still thinks that Jones is on his way to New England, who will pick him in the first round:

"Jones is one of the most underrated prospects in the entire 2012 class and just the kind of versatile defender Bill Belichick likes. Jones is long and athletic and can play end in an odd or even front, maybe even some outside linebacker in 3-4 looks."

McShay said the same thing back in early February so he must know something about what the Pats are looking for cause that's a very specific thing to stick to.

Meanwhile, analyst Bucky Brooks think the Green Bay Packers will take Jones with the 28th pick overall in the first round.

Mocking The Draft thinks Jones brings a ton of potential with him to the NFL but he's still got a lot to work on.