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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Gateway to the Fugly Four

BustedMugLogoOne down, one to go.

While Mookie Jones and Frank Kaminski battle it out for a place on one side of the Busted Mug title game, the other contestant has yet to be determined. Whomever advances is assured a stiff test as both are #1 seeds in their respective regions and steamrolled the competition on their way to the Fugly Four.

While the other side of the championship game bracket will certainly be filled with chalk, there's a genuine Cinderella story brewing in the Reggie Miller Region where the #4 seed has made it all way to the Fugly Four. He faces a tough matchup in the Cassell Region (and overall) #1 seed. Cinderallas are conspicuously absent from this year's NCAA Final Four. Could the BMC be the antidote for chalk?


Name: Anthony Davis (1, Sam Cassell Region)

Team: C, Kentucky Wildcats

Path to Glory: The first overall seed in the BMC has performed thus far as his seeding would indicate. Much like his #1 seed Kentucky Wildcats, Davis as hardly been challenged in his run to the Fugly Four. Mike Meyers Keitt and Gilvydas Biruta were no match for the unibrow. How about an upstart #4 seed?



Name: Carlos Lopez (4, Reggie Miller Region)

Team: G, University of Nevada Las Vegas Runnin' Rebels

Path to Glory: When the selection committee (i.e. Me) chose Lopez as part of the field of 17, he was touted as, "a cross between Andy Rautins and Howdy Doody." It is an apt description, but I don't think even Lopez thought it would carry him all the way to the Fugly Four, with a chance to cement a place in history with a BMC title game appearance. After blowing out Darryl "Truck" Bryant, Lopez had to stage a late surge to beat out Tyler Zeller in the Egregious Eight. Are the ears enough to upset the unibrow?