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Syracuse Daily Links - The Legacy Of Scoop Jardine


The odd legacy of Scoop Jardine | The Juice Online
To be honest, Scoop’s career is probably going to be defined as much by how he came up short as by anything else. That’s not really a knock, and it says next to nothing about Scoop, either as a player or as a person. Because more than anything, more than the competition and the stage and the teamwork and sportsmanship everything else that gets romanticized, sports are always—always—about failure.

Big City Classic Participant Profile: Syracuse - College Crosse
Every team in the country has warts, it's just kind of odd to see them on a team that has had as part of its history a kind of finesse that covered those blemishes. This isn't your pappy's Orange, nor is it your brother's Orange, and Syracuse is facing a challenge akin to hiking Killamanjaro in Chuck Taylor's on Sunday against Duke.

MLAX | Syracuse intends on altering shot selection, break 'bad habits' - Sports - The Daily Orange
"In practice, we’ve been trying to change planes, too," Eilers said, "but we just need to really, in the game situation, change the plane of that shot and get that goal because we’re making every goalie look like an all-star at this point."

Syracuse University lacrosse team will see a familiar face on the Duke sideline Sunday |
When the teams meet again at 4 p.m. Sunday at MetLife Stadium in the same event Galloway will be standing alongside Duke coach John Danowski trying to help the Blue Devils defeat his beloved Orange. "To say it will be strange is to put it nicely," said Galloway, who joined Danowski in September as a volunteer assistant coach. "It is going to be weird. It’s going to be a challenge."

SNYtv’s Syracuse Podcast: Scout’s John Garcia gives Nerlens Noel update | The Juice Online
Fox Sports and recruiting analyst and publisher John Garcia Jr. talks about Nerlens Noel and other Syracuse recruits with hosts Robbie Gillies and Wesley Cheng on The Juice on the Cuse podcast hosted by SNY. The Juice basketball beat reporter Corey Mallonee calls in, as well.

Is now the right time for Dion Waiters to go pro? | SNY Why Guys
If Waiters doesn’t go in the first round, he’ll probably regret this decision. First-round picks get guaranteed contracts, while second-round players aren’t assured of anything. If I had to bet, I’d peg him for something in the first round, but it ultimately depends on what the rest of the class looks like.

2 arrested, charged with swindling $2.2 million from former Syracuse defensive end Dwight Freeney |
About $2.2 million was wired in nearly 140 separate transactions from Freeney's bank account by Weinberg to Arm's Reach Consulting, a company owned by Stern, between June 2010 and October 2011, authorities said. Freeney didn't approve the transfers and was unaware Stern was the recipient.

Lots of Pulp: The 5 Best and Worst Moments from the Best and Worst Season
The wounds are still fresh, but we're recapping one of the most memorable seasons in SU Basketball history. It was the best of times ... it was the worst of times. So in that spirit, we'll count down the Top 5 Best and Worst moments in the most up-and-down season any of us can ever remember.

John Calipari, Anthony Davis, and what Kentucky's march to the Final Four means for college basketball - Grantland
Now, I'm not suggesting that every single college will turn into a clone of Kentucky, because that's impossible. There aren't enough good players in America for that to happen. But Calipari's scheme will become standard at a handful of universities where losing at basketball is unacceptable: North Carolina, Syracuse, Kansas, UCLA, and maybe even Duke. These schools already recruit one-and-done freshmen, but they'll have to go further; they'll have to be as transparent about their motives as Calipari is (because transparency is the obsession of modernity). If they resist, they will fade.

Hypocrisy Now: Kentucky's One-And-Done Players, And The NCAA's Stupidest Lie Yet -
Kevin Durant could've gone to the NBA if there were no age limit, but he didn't, and instead he goes back to the University of Texas every summer. Is that bad for college basketball? Do you think Carmelo Anthony regrets Syracuse? Does Syracuse regret Carmelo Anthony? Does everybody have to be Jimmer Fredette for the "environment" to work?

It's been four months since federal agents searched Bernie Fine's home in DeWitt amid sexual abuse allegations. Now, the former Syracuse University associate basketball coach's home is up for sale.