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Crying Scoop Is All The Rage In The Salons

I remember after Six Overtimes, there was this giddy sensation waiting to see all of the newspaper front pages and sports site layouts with iconic photos of Syracuse Orange players celebrating and smiling.

Well there's a flip side to that. When Syracuse loses a high profile game, there's a chance their sullen faces will grace those same pages.

As the face of the team, Scoop Jardine seems to have gotten that honor this year. Scoop graces the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, though not in any way that he'd like to:


And now "Crying Scoop" has been immortalized forever on the front page of the Wall Street Journal:


You can see the original photo here in the online version of the article, which is about how this year's March Madness has been a particularly weepy one. Or perhaps it's just more socially-acceptable for men to cry following a soul-crushing loss like the Oho State one.

"I understand those kids crying," said former professional basketball player Reggie Miller, who broadcast the Syracuse game for truTV and knows something about making opposing fans howl, "because I would've been crying after that game, too."

I'm with Reggie. Knowing what Scoop and the rest of the team put into that game and that season and knowing it was all over just short of their goal...I'd be bawling like Dick Vermeil watching Steel Magnolias, too.

H/T: Brandon