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Syracuse Daily Links - Resilient Adversity Of Perseverance

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Syracuse has persevered through adversity to get to NCAA's Elite Eight |
"We came together as a family,’’ Syracuse sophomore Dion Waiters said. "We told each other, ‘Don’t worry about all the stuff going on off the court.’ The only thing we could worry about was the things going on on the court. Coach Boeheim told us not to worry about any of that because it was out of our hands anyway.’’

Doc: Syracuse focused on not much else but winning | |
There have been incidents this year and in other years, that have reflected poorly on Syracuse as a whole. But, you know, the Orange have won a national title. They will play Ohio State Saturday. A win means a fifth Final Four. Boeheim is an outstanding coach. He has won 890 times. The Carrier Dome is the winter refuge of 27,000 happy souls, every home game. They’re 34-2. What’s the problem?

Syracuse keeps on winning despite troubles - Sports - The Boston Globe
"You can take three guys - Jimmy, Jim Calhoun, and Mike Krzyzewski - and probably Tom Izzo at Michigan State - and put them in a category that stands by itself,’’ said former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese, who has known Boeheim for 37 years. "With all the changes, with all the pressures, you won’t find anything like the longevity and success at one school again. You won’t see their kind again. It’s just amazing.’’

Lopresti: Like clockwork, scandals and all, Orange move on –
After that -- after all that -- just look where Syracuse is today. One game from the Final Four. It has been like watching the Orange continue focusing on needlework with their hair on fire. And so in the winning and relieved locker, room, the message on everyone's T-shirts told the tale: "By any means."

Syracuse still fighting in year of adversity -
Has any team ever laughed so hard in the face of Murphy’s law?

Jim Boeheim's belief in the zone defense carries Syracuse into the Elite Eight |
"It's always funny to me,’’ said Boeheim, clearly meaning funny as in odd, not funny as in haha. "I never hear anybody yelling at Mike Krzyzewski to go back and play zone. Why is that? He's such a good coach, you don't question him? Is that what that is? Really? Somebody shook their head down here. Okay, that means I'm not a good coach, so you can question me.’’

Jim Boeheim always has Syracuse ready at tournament time - The Boston Globe
Every office from Bangor to Richmond - perhaps from Presque Isle to Key West - has a Syracuse guy. That school must have 70 million alumni.

Syracuse University one game away from Final Four | Democrat and Chronicle |
"This is what you come to college for. You come to be a part of these games," Orange forward Kris Joseph said after Friday’s closed practice. "It’s going to be a tough one."

Syracuse Orange continue to find ways to win, advance to Elite 8 - ESPN
The story for the Syracuse Orange this season has been simple ... find a way to win.

How the heck did Jim Boeheim get through this season without any criticism? - College Basketball News | FOX Sports on MSN
How can anyone slide through drug and pedophile scandals on a team the way he has? This is his program. Somehow, he snubs his nose at rightful scrutiny, but nothing touches him, as if he’s not accountable for what happens on or around a team he has run for 36 years.

Mike's Mailbox: What happened to James Southerland? |
Southerland has played well in recent games, but his strong suit remains his outside shooting ability. Wisconsin’s pressure man-to-man defense makes it tough to get open looks, especially without the threat of being able to drive to the basket. Southerland struggles when he’s defended closely and needs to create space off the dribble.

Ohio State vs Syracuse: East Regional Elite Eight odds prediction -
"The question is whether that Cincinnati game is a good comparison as far as the form of each team," explained Mark Presley of "And oddsmakers and bettors are saying that OSU is the better bet."

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger on facing Syracuse's zone: 'We've got to throw the first punches' |
"I know we’re going to face a 2-3 zone. There’s no hiding that," Sullinger said. "We’re going to have to try to control the tempo and also we’re going to have to score and execute our offense even though they’re playing 2-3 zone. We can’t just sit back and let them punch us. We’ve got to throw the first punches. Not literally, but ..."

What they're saying: Syracuse basketball team proves the doubters wrong once again |
Truth be told, this game was a microcosm of that entire season -- an unexpected star, timely defense and an answered prayer has been both the Orange’s means and recipe all year.

James Southerland and C.J. Fair: Syracuse's interchangeable forwards |
"When one of is scoring, Coach keeps us out there. And (Fair) got it going from the beginning (Thursday). He did a good job, finally got on a roll and it’s going to work out for all of us in the future."

Wedding couple has Orange crush on Syracuse basketball - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York
"We’re going to figure out a way to watch the game," said Snyder, who will be married at 1 p.m. in Herkimer, and will be in Ithaca by the time Syracuse tips off at 7:05 p.m. Saturday. "When it comes to two basketball people like us, it just seems normal, like it’s the right thing to do.

Jim Boeheim and Bo Ryan will meet again at Ryan's Coaches vs. Cancer benefit |
"This was set up long before we played this game,’’ Ryan said. "All he asked me was they’re not going to throw things at me, are they? I said, of course not.’’

Syracuse survives against Wisconsin, but has holes that have been exposed (Sean Deveney) |
Syracuse can be had when the perimeter shots are falling. Wisconsin nearly pulled off the upset on Thursday because they were knocking down their 3-pointers.

Sleeping with the Enemy: Nerlens Noel Special Edition - Georgetown, Syracuse or Kentucky? - Casual Hoya
hough Georgetown's season ended a bit earlier than any of us would have liked, we're rolling out a special edition of our award-winning Sleeping with the Enemy feature while at this very moment the greatest high school player on the planet is deciding whether he wants to play at the next level for Georgetown, Syracuse or Kentucky. Special thanks to our Kentucky chum A Sea of Blue and the ever so evil Syracuse jerkface (in the nice meaning of the word jerkface) Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician for providing answers to my one question

Dan and Matt go through the first match ups for the Elite 8, but you probably shouldn't listen to them.

John Evenson chats with Dion Waiters about Syracuse's game with Ohio State

Craig Hoffman and Andrew Kanell preview the Elite 8 matchup in the East Regional Final...Syracuse vs Ohio State.