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Syracuse In NCAA Tournament: Anatomy Of A Chest Bump


It's easy to praise Scoop Jardine and C.J. Fair and Brandon Triche for their roles in the Syracuse Orange's 64-63 victory over the Wisconsin Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen.

However, there are unsung heroes that need praise as well.

In the closing moments, Dion Waiters played fantastic defense to force a bad Wisconsin shot and secure the victory. Afterward, what if no one gave Dion the instant kudos he desires in that moment? What if no one sates our hero? Who's to say how Waiters reacts?

Instead, Nick Resavy was there to save the day:


Just a tour de force of chest bumping. The kind worthy of an Elite 8.

Resavy hits on every note. He's got good lift and yet he cedes the high ground to Dion. He takes on a supporting role in the bump, giving Dion the chance to go into full, celebratory extension.

Resavy extends the arms to provide a safe zone of excitement from which Waiters can feel safe in. This is your home in these fleeting moments...take off your jacket, grab some brandy off the shelf, stay a while.

This is exactly what you want out of your walk-ons in times like this and it's just one more area where the Orange have depth and experience. Not sure which assistant is in charge of teaching proper chest-bump technique, but, my hat is off to him.

Photo Credit: Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE