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NCAA Tournament, Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Cincinnati Bearcats GameThread


The Syracuse Orange did their job, beating the Wisconsin Badgers and advancing to the Elite 8. Who will they play there on Saturday? We'll find out when the Ohio St. Buckeyes take on the Cincinnati Bearcats.

The big question at the moment is, who would you rather play?

The Bearcats represent a chance to avenge one of our two losses this season and win the three-game season series with Cincy. They played us tough in both games and it would nice to see the Orange put them away when it matters as we advance.

Ohio State, however, represents something different. No one will expect us to beat the Buckeyes, much like we've been hearing all season that we couldn't. Playing, and beating, Ohio State, would send just one more message that we are truly an elite team worthy of respect. Unlike teams like OSU, we've spent all season earning it by winning. Guess it requires one more.

So, leave your comments below and ask yourself, who would you rather?