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2012 Busted Mug Championship- The Egregious Eight Begins


The first round of the 2012 busted Mug Championship is in the books. The Scary 16 couldn't have gone any better with most of the top seeds showing why they led the field and just enough upsets sprinkled in to keep things interesting.

The Egregious Eight begins in the Jeremy Hazell Region, one of two that had the both tops seeds advancing past the round of sixteen. Gone are Notre Dame's Garrick Sherman and Providence Friar Ron Giplaye, whose mugs weren't quite busted enough to merit a shot at the BMC title. Now the two remaining contestants battle for the right to represent the Hazell region in the Fugly Four.

Your gladiators


Name: Mookie Jones (1)

Team: F, Syracuse Orange

Path to glory: You'll no doubt notice that Mookie isn't showing off his pearly whites in his roster photo. That's because the only thing worse on his mug than his bug-out eyeballs is his gap toothed grill. It was good enough to take Garrick Sherman out with a first round KO.


BMC12JordanTheodore Name: Jordan Theodore (2)

Team: G, Seton Hall Pirates

Path to glory: Theodore's Pirates were among those teams snubbed from the NCAA tournament. Luckily for him, his title hopes stay alive as he advanced over Ron Giplaye in the first round. Looking like a black, mustachioed Uncle Fester helped, I'm sure.