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Syracuse Football: Spring Practice Gets Underway Tuesday

In the midst of all this basketball stuff, football season is just beginning to peak out from under the covers.

The Syracuse Orange start spring practice today and kick off their series of 15 practices that culminate in the spring game. Practices today and Thursday will be closed and Saturday is likely to be the first time the media will be able to get a look at the 2012 Orange.

Nolan Weidner has some big questions facing the Orange this spring, including "who will emerge as the true back-up to Ryan Nassib?" and "How much impact will Marcus Sales and Prince Tyson-Gulley have after missing 2011?"

The defensive questions are equally important. How will the Orange replace Chandler Jones, Mikhail Marinovich and Phil Thomas? And who will emerge as this year's freshman phenom?

We've got a long way to go before we find out. Regardless, welcome back some of your old friends. Ridiculously-Good Looking Charley Loeb is moving into the George Clooney Handsome Phase of life. Keon Lyn is wearing the finest in creamy turtle patterns. I'm pretty sure Shu Mungwa is a superhero in disguise. Jason George is really excited to be here. Jeremiah Kobena sees the #ChristmasHawk and raises you a #KobenaHawk. Joe Nassib is ready to invest your earnings. Adonis Ameen-Moore is the velvet teddybear. Ross Krautman my or may not be wearing a cravat. Someone needs to check Jonathan Fisher's ID. Macky MacPherson wants to play WoW whenever you've got time. Nick Robinson fronts a Queen cover band on the weekends. Ivan Foy is having a real good time. Louis Addazio isn't pleased at the prospect of playing Papa at Temple. Mac Beaulieu isn't pleased with anything. Riley Dixon probably speaks French.