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Syracuse Football: Terrel Hunt, Many Others To Miss Spring Practice

There's a bunch of Syracuse Orange players that will miss spring practice, including Alec Lemon and Keon Lyn. Those guys will miss the spring because of injuries. There's one Syracuse player who'll miss spring practice with them but for totally different reasons.

Sophomore quarterback Terrel Hunt, who was arrested in January for stealing a bottle of cologne, will sit out spring practice as part of his suspension.

Marrone said Hunt, who admitted to taking the cologne, is still part of the team but won't participate in practices.

Marrone's stance on crime seems to have softened a bit. First-year Doug Marrone would have kicked Hunt off the team and sent him to a Siberian prison. I don't think his offense was boot-worthy, I just hope this doesn't set him back too far.

The full list of injured players who will miss time at spring practice is offensive tackle Sean Hickey (knee), center Rob Trudo (lower body), running back Adonis Ameen-Moore (upper body), fullback Carl Cutler (knee), defensive end Micah Robinson (upper body), Alec Lemon (upper body), cornerback Keon Lyn (shoulder) and linebacker Marquis Spruill (lower body).

For the record, that's four upper body injuries and four lower body injuries.

SU Football Head Coach talks about the 2012 schedule and spring practice. Video by Frank Ordonez/ The Post-Standard.