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Your NCAA Tournament East Regional #Chopped Challege


Four college basketball teams.

Three games.

Only one chance to win.

The challenge: create an unforgettable meal from the mystery items hidden in your basket before time runs out.

One by one, our teams must face the dreaded chopping block.

Who will win the East Region and advance to the Final Four? And who will be...CHOPPED?

Remember, you must use every ingredient in your basket in some way, be it a little or a lot. Also available to you, our pantry and fridge.

When the clock runs out, the judges will critique your dish on presentation, taste and also creativity. If your dish doesn't cut it, you will not move on to the next round. You will be chopped.

Please open your baskets...

And for the Boston-based East Regional, we have a collection of B-themed ingredients...

Blood oranges

Badger meat.

Buckeye candy

Bear claw

The clock is set for 30 minutes for this course. Time starts NOW! Serve your dishes in the comments below and our judge, new Jewish cuisine maestro Sean Keeley, will decide the winning dish.