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Ooh Yea That's Heartwarming: Scoop Jardine Meets Biggest Fan

Well there you have it. If you ever want to meet Scoop Jardine, a YouTube video of you crying about his impending departure will get it done. Get to it!

You likely remember Shane Oliver as The Boy Who Cried Scoop a few weeks ago when he heard that his favorite Syracuse Orange player would be graduating and leaving the team soon:

The video went viral and even Scoop himself retweeted it (A Syracuse basketball player retweeting something? Now I've heard everything...).

But the story doesn't end there. Scoop took it upon himself to arrange a meeting with young Shane and his mom, which went down recently. Scoop tweeted a photo of the get-together as well:


And of course, there is video...

And it wasn't just Scoop making time. #TeamJardine's Papa Jardine and Shane's future favorite player Michael Carter-Williams had some fun as well:

Shane's mom has some more photos and vids on her Twitterfeed as well. Hooray for everyone!