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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week In Twitter: Syracuse

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Wow ... what a week for 'Cuse basketball. I went from an utter state of depression with Fab bring ruled ineligible, to a deeper utter state of depression assuming they would blow the UNC-Asheville game, to a St. Patty's day fueled drunken cheer fest of domination during the Kansas St. game. Good thing everyone was tweeting the rest of the week so we could all get our 'Cuse twitter fix. Unfortunately Fab Melo's Twitterfeed is still as quiet as the reasons for his ineligibility.

Scoop Jardine's Dad Will Murder You:

Looks like Scoop's dad might be the long lost brother of Kimbo Slice. I would not want to cross this man in a back alley on the wrong day.

MCW Getting Inked Up?:

Donte Green called out Carter-Williams when he said he was ready to get some ink done:

Apparently we'll be seeing some new ink on the guy on the team who's most likely to get carded in a tattoo shop. Only time will tell.

Dion Waiters Retweet of the Week:

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Michael Carter Williams Is Already Talking Smack to LeBron:

OK .. these are quite entertaining from the baby-faced assassin himself:

To be fair I hate both LeBron and Kobe the same.