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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Cassell Region 1 v. 4


Due to St. Patrick's Day on Saturday and my youngest daughter's birthday party Sunday, the 2012 Busted Mug Championship took a bit of a hiatus over the weekend. Not to fear, though, the BMC will remain on schedule to wrap up on time.

It's interesting to see how the BMC bracket compares to the NCAA tourney. The weekend NCAA games provided a mix of upsets (NC State over Georgetown) and chalk (all four #1 seeds advancing to the Sweet 16).

In the BMC, the 1 v. 4 matchup in the Hazell region followed the way of the chalk, with Syracuse's own (sort of) Mookie Jones winning big over Garrick Sherman of Notre Dame. I have a feeling the Cassell region will be the same.

The contestants.


Name: Anthony Davis (1)

Team: C, Kentucky Wildcats

Busted Stats: Don't be fooled. The 2012 BMC #1 overall seed is another one of those guys whose roster head shot doesn't nearly tell the truth of how busted this dude's mug is. He's #1 overall for one reason and one reason alone...the unibrow, which is conspicuously absent from this photo. I don't know if it was Photoshopped out or if Davis shaved it for the occasion, but we all know it's there in real life.



Name: Mike Myers Keitt

Team: F, Monmouth Hawks

Busted Stats: Keitt won the opening round vote over Manhattan's Djibril Coulibaly in a landslide, so he's already got some momentum and he certainly hasn't gotten any prettier in the interim. He's certainly no Cinderalla, but he might pose a stiff test for the #1 overall seed.