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Syracuse vs. Wisconsin: Learning To Hate The Badgers, Courtesy Of Marquette

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I can't speak to much in the ways of the Wisconsin Badgers. I know they play defense. I know they like to score 17 points a game. And I know they, like Syracuse, have a knack for getting this far and then losing.

Well one of us has to stop that. And I would prefer it be the Syracuse Orange when the two teams meet in the Sweet Sixteen.

But do I hate the Badgers? I'm trying. But I can't work up too much to hate about.

That's why I asked someone who can and does to help us.

I asked Andy over at Anonymous Eagle if he wouldn't mind sharing some tips and tricks on hating Wisconsin. It turns out, he could write a book on the subject.

And so, see below his many iterations of disdain for the Wisconsin Badgers and everything they stand for.

A Brief Dissertation On Hate
This is the first thing I wrote for AE before the 2010 Wisconsin game. It's really just a collection of the first few things that popped into my head about the Badgers that are ridiculous.

Badger Downfall
Hitler doesn't take the news of Vander Blue de-committing from Madison well.

Arrested Development GIF
Bo on the sidelines reminds us of GOB's chicken dance.

Fun Facts About BADgers
A laundry list of every single misbehavior by a UW athlete disguised as science facts about badgers.

Bucky The Pantsless Menace
ESPN ran a SportsCenter ad with Bucky (who never wears pants) Facebook stalking Arizona's Wilma Wildcat while on company time, so we investigated Bucky's cell phone records.

A timeline of Wisconsin basketball, as approximated from their fans point of view
This works as a companion piece to an honest and factual recounting of UW's NCAA Tournament appearances between 1947-48 and 1992-93.

UW's Photoshop Failings
A while back, UW got caught Photoshopping an African-American gentleman into a picture of students at Camp Randall to prove that they have something approaching a diverse student body. We found what they decided not to use.

Behind The Music: The Boys Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
I wrote a fake BTM episode explaining how UW actually does own the rights to House of Pain's Jump Around as people like Wisconsin State Journal's Tom Oates (yes, an actual journalist) seems to think they do. Oates also seems to take great delight in taking shots at MU and Buzz for recruiting from junior colleges.

We didn't publish these two, but they're still fantastic. The GIF of Bo losing his mind last night against Vanderbilt and the picture of Bo and two Bucky fans losing it after the refs ruled that a buzzer beater tying three didn't actually beat the buzzer this season against Michigan State, even though the clock on the ribbon board at the Kohl Center said it did.

Lastly, expect Andy Katz to pick Wisconsin to beat Syracuse. Dude doesn't even bother hiding how much he loves his alma mater, much less how much he hates Marquette and will constantly tell you that schools are going to look to hire Buzz even if he just signed a brand new even bigger contract 6 weeks earlier.

Thanks to Anonymous Eagle and good luck to them in their own Sweet 16 matchup...